Paint on effects with brushes in Photoshop Touch

By on May 8, 2013

Get selective with your iPhone image editing in Photoshop Touch

We’ve been enjoying Photoshop Touch on the iPad for a good while now, but the launch of the app on iPhone was still quite exciting. This scaled back Photoshop interface was really interesting to use on a tablet, but in some ways it makes even more sense on an iPhone.

With the smaller screen, being able to customise your brushes, apply effects quickly and work in fine detail with up to 400 per cent zoom gives you a lot of tricks in a limited package.

Every effect and filter in Photoshop Touch can be customised to suit your needs, increasing and decreasing their impact as you see fit. You can also isolate areas of an image using some excellent lasso tools. You’ll be amazed at just how powerful this application is.

For this tutorial we’ve chosen to employ brushes to apply effects selectively and gradually built the image in increments. It’s a very simple way of doing things and a lot of fun.


Difficulty: Beginner

Time needed: 15 minutes


Step-by-step Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPhone Paint on effects


1: Pick a brush

Select the tool button in the bottom-left and while holding down move up to the paintbrush tool and then across to the Effects Paint Tool marked fx.


2: Select effect

Tap on the Effect button to select the filter you want to have applied to your brush. You can change brightness, contrast and more.


3: Set impact

We chose Pencil and were given a slider to apply the Threshold and Scale of the effect. This is just a preview of what it would look like when applied.


4: Switching colours

The Pencil effect lets you change the Stroke and Back colours to create a really nice two-tone effect. Think about what will complement your image.


5: Set the brush

With the effect arranged you need to set up your brush. Size, Hardness, Flow and Opacity can all be edited. We made large brushes to start with.


6: Zoom and paint

Once the larger areas of your photo are filled in, zoom in tighter, switch to a lower opacity and add in subtle edges around areas you want untouched.

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